Replace Conformal Coatings

2-Step 2-Minute Next Generation Coating For Electronics

Stop using outdated conformal, vapor, and plasma deposition coatings for printed circuit boards. Switch to NanoFlowX 2-step 2-minute advanced coatings. Protect electronics from water damage, dust, corrosion, salt fog, humidity, moisture, gasses, and bacteria. We engineer IP67/IP68 certified and custom formulated solutions for all electronic devices.

High Speed Manufacturing Integration

V2 is the World’s fastest nanocoating solution for a reason. The 2 step process can be done in 2 minutes. Simply dip the electronic device and apply heat to cure the coating. No special tools are required. High speed application process can be easily integrated into any production line through precise and systematic robotic technology. Ask us how.

V2 World’s Fastest Electronics Waterproofing Solution

Manufacturers can easily integrate to their production line V2 electronics nanocoating solution. The 2 step 2 minute coating process achieves a IP68 waterproof rating without special equipment, tools or training. Lab certified testing proves V2 to be the best and lowest cost waterproofing solution for all electronic devices.


The World’s first 100% pure liquid glass screen protection solution for users to build layers of 9H tempered glass screen protection with Si02 nanotechnology on tablets, smartphones and smartwatches. Original screen feel, maintains touch sensitivity, scratch and smudge resistant.