SprayGard: Anti-Scratch & Anti-Smudge Resistant Spray

SprayGard is a clear durable solution that protects glass surfaces from smudges, scratches, and creates a easy to clean surface.

  • Keep Glass Cleaner for a Longer Time
  • 9H Lab Certified Scratch Resistant
  • For Use on laptops, Phones, Tablets, Watches and Eye Glasses.
  • 50 Sprays Lasts up to 6 Months
  • Makes Glass Surfaces Addictively Smooth
  • No More Screen Protectors

9H Hardness

Scratch Resistant

Ultra Thin Layers

Universal Application

How It Works

Spraygard works by creating a layer of protection which makes the phone anti smudge and scratch resistant. Simply spray and wipe

Watch How It Works


Easy Application
Great product with an easy 2 steps! I shared with my coworkers and everyone loved the results!
- Debra
Got it on all my electronics
Glad I got this on all my screens. It really annoys me seeing dirty smudges all over my phone and tablets. Plus I like that it makes the screen really smooth.
- Steven G.
Great for my Apple Watch
Great product I used it with my Apple Watch and my iPhone and it looks really great as protective for that matter
- Bernie H

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