Self Healing Coatings


Integrate Self Healing Features With Nano FlowX

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What Are Advanced Microcapsules ?

NanoFlowX Advanced Microcapsules are polymer based microcapsules that are injected with inhibitors and formulated into our existing coatings to increase protectant features such as anti-corrosion and anti-microbial properties.

How Does Self Healing Work?

Microcapsules are filled with proprietary nanocoatings that when punctured, will activate a self healing effect to significantly increase coating performance and durability. This greatly decreases the risk of leeching, microbial-corrosion, and degradation.

What Is The Durability?

Coating with self healing microcapsules are the differentiator when it comes to durability. We conducted a salt fog test, ASTM B117, here we placed two steel panels in a high corrosive salt fog chamber for 20 days.

The coating with microcapsules had significantly less than 5% corrosion compared to the panel with no microcapsule coating.

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Self-Healing Into Our Coatings

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