Coatings For Navy


Protecting The Future of Naval IoT Warfare

Navy ships are full of saltwater systems and full of salty ocean air. The chemical reaction between air, water, and iron result in endless rust problems on board any Navy vessel. This greatly affects internet of things (IoT) connected electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity.  which get damaged from corrosion and humidity causing malfunctions and decreasing mission effectiveness.

Protect Against Corrosion

Corrosion is aggressive and relentless at sea. NanoFlowX has the ability to reduce corrosion unlike ever before. Thanks to advanced microcapsule technology that can be embedded within our coatings, corrosion inhibitors within our microcapsules create self-healing effects against corrosion and have been tested to drastically limit it’s spread. Apply it for electronic device and metal/metal painted surfaces.


Reduce Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Drastically decrease labor on corrosion repairs and cleaning. Keep maintenance costs and repairs low. Cut down on replacement costs from corrosion damage. Greatly improve robust ISR capabilities of manned and unmanned systems.



Custom Formulations For Any Environment

NanoFlowX specializes in developing custom formulated coatings that can meet the needs for environments occupied by the U.S. Navy.  Increase protection ratings from water or dust damage. Add increase resiliency with EMI Shielding. Strengthen against salt spray corrosion.

We have distinguished ourselves by creating a formulated process that lets us uniquely tailor our solutions to your needs. Inquire with us to see how we can add value to modern warfare devices. 



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