Strategic Coatings

For Defense operations and combat

1. Increase Operational and Combat Readiness

The cost of combat and operational readiness is costlier when electronic equipment is damaged due to environmental failure caused by wet, hot, humid, and salty atmospheric conditions. This major setback can be prevented by making sure electronics are made durable with NanoFlowX coatings.

2. Decrease Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Increased durability in electronic components will greatly lower cost spent in maintenance and repairs to equipment. Over the years, seals and gaskets crack and fail to protect. NanoFlowX coatings are engineered to defend for numerous years to new and already established legacy systems and weapons.

3. Reduce Corrosion

The Department of Defense faces a $26 billion dollar problem each year with battling corrosion on NAVY vessels, airplanes, engines, and electronics. NanoFlowX coatings are up to 3x more durable than other coatings when it comes to reducing corrosion on metal surfaces. Tested by up to 300 hours.


4. Custom Formulations For Different Conditions

• Spray or dip our coating solutions in any product assembly line or during any field maintenance procedure cycles.  

• IPX67/68 tested for dust and water submersion. Mitigates the    growth of tin whiskers on electronics.

• Field operating temperature of -76°F to 500°F.

• Formulate coatings to meet the demands of the environment.

Top Selectee at AFWERX Engage Space 2020

NanoFlowX completed with over 800 companies in the 2020 AFWERX Space Challenge looking for innovative solutions to support Persistent ISR. 

NanoFlowX project solutions ranked in the top 3% of all solution submissions by government experts within the Department of Air Force, Air Force Research Laboratory.