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Protecting The Future of IoT Warfare

The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is quickly transforming the approach of modern warfare. The military gathers data through sensors on a range of platforms including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, robotics, ground vehicles and even troops. The systems that gather this data are the most mission-critical information and can help enable the positions of inbound threats.

Why Protect IoT Devices With NanoFlowX?

With the military moving toward an integrated warfare approach it is now more important than ever to ensure IoT sensors, platforms, and weapon systems be ruggedized against environmental elements in order to ensure operation and combat readiness. NanoFlowX coatings increase the lifespan of electronics by protecting against water, corrosion, salt spray, dust, humidity, bacteria, and more.


Increase Reliability On The Frontline

Our coatings help increase protection and reliability for electronic devices. Old protective methods such as conformal coatings, enclosures, seals, and gaskets are labor intensive and have proven to crack and fail to protect as the years progress. 

NanoFlowX coatings are engineered to defend for numerous years for both new and already established electronic systems and weapons.

Custom Formulations For Any Environment

NanoFlowX specializes in developing custom formulated coatings that can meet the needs for environments occupied by the U.S. Army. Increase protection ratings from water or dust damage. Add increased resiliency with EMI Shielding. Strengthen against salt spray corrosion. 

We have distinguished ourselves by creating a formulated process that lets us uniquely tailor our solutions to your needs.  



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