Coatings For Air Force


Increase Resiliency For Smart Bases

Network of sensors, wearables, and computers powered by 5G provide actionable intelligence to help achieve any mission and ultimately give the Air Force a competitive and decisional advantage. This network of smart capabilities must be robust and ruggedized to allow Air Force bases to be safer, operate more efficiently, and become more effective for mission readiness. 

Defend Against The Environment

With the military moving toward an integrated warfare approach it is now more important than ever to ensure IoT sensors, platforms, and weapon systems be ruggedized against environmental elements in order to ensure operation and combat readiness. NanoFlowX coatings increase the lifespan of electronics by protecting against water, corrosion, salt spray, dust, humidity, bacteria, and more.


Increase Product Lifecycle

NanoFlowX coatings can help increase electronic device resiliency by up to four times of its original protection. This greatly reduces replacement costs fo devices damaged by rain, corrosion, dust, and humidity, while increasing reliability and effectiveness.  

Custom Formulations For Any Environment

NanoFlowX specializes in developing custom formulated coatings that can meet the needs for environments occupied by the U.S. Air Force. Increase protection ratings from water or dust damage. Add increased resiliency with EMI shielding. Strengthen against salt spray corrosion. 

We have distinguished ourselves by creating a formulated process that lets us uniquely tailor our solutions to your needs. Inquire with us to see how we can add value to smart warfare devices.    





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